Barbara Montgomery Bio






Mrs. Barbara Montgomery, Teacher

Barbara is currently teaching our 3rd Grade Class. She has been an elementary teacher (all grades) most of her 46 years of teaching and has also taught in our preschool. She has been a teacher at BCCS since 1998.

Barbara grew up in a Christian home with her parents and brother in Lynwood, California. She took music theory, the accordian and the violin.

When she was 8 years old, she went to Child Evangelism Training classes for several years with her mother, Lois. For many years she helped in Good News Club each week for the neighborhood children. God was already preparing her for her future! She sang in choirs and special music groups most of her life. She says that she always loved music.   She was also in Future Teachers of America.

When she was about 18 years old, a new chapter in her life evolved. She began working with drama and musicals. She created all the props, costumes and art work and found she had a natural talent for it.  As an adult, for several years, she gave direction to five choirs, a complete drama troupe and a group of men and women who also helped make the props and costumes - about 500 people in all. They had about 3,000 people at just one of their special programs each year.  At the same time, she taught school and tutored every day.  At one time, in addition to teaching, she was a full-time Children's Director for a large Church.

One time, she had a special Children's Day and 900 kids attended. "It was so exciting," she said. She also had and still has a design and decorating business with her daughter, Darla. One of her most exciting assignments was to design and decorate a new High School. She says God definitely helped her!

Barbara has lived at and attended several colleges and universities majoring in Liberal Studies and minoring in Art.  Her mom, Lois will be 96 years old on December 1st.  She talks to her almost daily about her class, what we did in Chapel, and the sweet children she loves and teaches. Her Mom helps her to pray for each one. God is good!

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