Margie Barrios Bio

Mrs. Margie Barrios, Teacher

Margie has been a teacher at BCCS for 17 years. Over the years, she has taught Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade and is presently teaching a First Grade Class.

Margie has worked in the education field for 40 years in early childhood development and in the public school system's Head Start and State Preschool programs.

Margie believes strongly that the A-Beka Curriculum is the best Christian education a child could receive. Margie is passionate about teaching her students to love the Lord, to love learning and to love one another as Jesus commanded.

Margie is a wonderful person and teacher and is loved and respected by her students, their parents, her co-workers, and the staff of BCCS. We are grateful for Margie and her entire family for their contributions to BCCS.

Other personal information:

Margie was married for 27 years to Pastor Danny Barrios. Together they ran "No Higher Calling" ministry that included a discipleship home to help men and women not only recover from substance abuse issues, but also how to live a life honoring the Lord Jesus Christ. They were active in Set Free Ministry in Anaheim and the ministries of Bundy Canyon Christian Church. Pastor Danny unexpectedly passed away in December of 2004.

Pastor Danny was survived by his wife and their 5 children. Their two youngest children, Raymond and Rebecca attended BCCS from Preschool through the 8th grade.

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